ATV no Longer Sync's with iTunes?

I have just successfully installed ATV Flash and it appeared I had no problems with the installation. However, I keep losing sync with my iTunes Library and iTunes complains that it can not find an AppleTV and to make sure 3689 port is not being blocked by a firewall.

I have no firewall between the two devices.

I have defaulted the ATV to factory defaults and tested sync with no issues. So the sync issues are only experienced after ATV Flash has been installed.

Does anyone have any idea what could potentially be wrong please?

Is there an incompatibility with Sync’ing and ATV Flash applications?

Many Thanks, in advance for any help and advice.

If you pull the plug on the Apple TV or restart it using the Maintenance screen does that fix the syncing issues? Every now and then I have problems, but I attribute that to the Apple TV becoming slow and unresponsive over time.

I had to factory reset the hardware 4 times before it began to behave, although it seems fine now.


I’ve started to have this problem recently as well, and it’s grating on my nerves! I’m wondering if it has anything to do with the recent 10.5.7 update, rather than anything ATVFlash has done… although I didn’t notice the problem until I applied the recent 3.6 ATVFlash update, so who knows. I’m going to reflash my ATV and barring that, guess I’ll have to back up my contents and start from scratch again… UGH!

UPDATE: I got my ATV to start syncing with iTunes again by repatching… this time I turned off the option for installing the AirControl Loop remote, since I don’t have it and don’t need it. Seems to be syncing just fine now. I’m hoping it might also make Firefox more stable… it was crashing on me constantly after patching with ATVFlash 3.6 the first time, even after disabling all of my add-ons. Haven’t figured out what that’s all about yet.

At any rate, if anyone gets sync issues, try repatching first and see if that helps before you restore your ATV to factory settings.

You can also try re-pairing the AppleTV with iTunes. This process can be seen here:

I tried re-pairing first but got no love. Reflashing seemed to do the trick for me!