ATV no longer booting

Hi, i have my atv running off of an external 1tb. The set-up ran perfectly for about a month. Recently it stopped working. all the information appears to be on the hard drive when i look at it through plugging it into my computer. The apple tv just will not start up. I will see the orange light on the atv and the apple logo on tv permanently. it appears from the light on my external that the atv notices it at one point then about 30 seconds later the hard drive goes inactive. No idea if its due to atv or the hard drive. Any ideas without having to reinstall atvflash and then reload all of my media to saphire. Sometimes it appears the hard drive will begin to be working for a while but the apple tv will never successfully complete booting up, the orange light will just keep flashing. Please help.

I too have this problem.
After flashing/updating, my indicator light is constantly flashing amber.
I can play items, use the menus, but it does not show available in iTunes on my iMac, yet I can SSH into the AppleTv, etc.
What’s the procedure to get this working the way it should?

Additionally, I utilized the procedure from within this ATV forum to send a direct e-mail for a direct reply, nothing, nada…
Oh well,

Do you have any USB devices connected to the Apple TV? This symptom may arise when USB devices are connected PRIOR to powering on the Apple TV.

USB Keyboard & Mouse, that’s it.
Is there some other process to boot and still have a mouse and keyboard?