aTV - No expected icons and functionality after aTV Flash installed perfectly.

Long time user,

Bored beyond compare since my Apple TV no longer works (as expected), hence this plea for assistance.



I have absolutely no icons/functionality on except the Home and Settings tabs, with a third settings tab at the bottom left (aTV Flash settings).

This is after I did the ritualistic flash just as instructed with newest versions of Seas0nPass and aTV Flash (Black), been doing this with every update.


To set the scene:

So, I go into the settings setup my apple account (log in) - nothing new icon wise appears.

So, I go into aTV Flash settings and try to install MediaPlayer - sorry (error).

Same for all the rest (XBMC, CS, etc…)



So, I cant install the nice stuff and I don’t have the ususal neat stuff (Netflix, iTunes rentals, Youtube, etc…)



Internet is fine (writing this aint I), so that’s not it… please don’t patronize me with that answer like whoever did for the poor previous smuck in the same boat.



However please assist O great demi’gods of the forums, my Apple TV is a major POS without Netflix and the MediaPlayer!

Any insight into a fix will be really appreciated and you will be my personal hero for the rest of the weekend!


Thanks a mil in advance,

  • Damato

The standard icons not appearing means that the ATV2 thinks it is not connected to your home network. Have you checked the network settings on the ATV2?