ATV Moving buttons and top shelf

I have not upgraded to the latest version of IOS. The ability to move buttons seems nice. If I move a button, for example NEtflix, to the top row does the top shelf work like the older version (4.~) where it displays movie titles and such on the top shelf?

Unfortunately even on the latest Apple TV software items like Netflix cannot be moved from the bottom rows up to the top row. Sorry.


I saw a YouTube video of someone moving a button but after looking at it again just now, he only moved it to a different place on the same row. Shame.

I really missed the old interface (version 4.~). It was much more stylized in my humble opinion (I liked having my netflix display titles in top shelf). Staring with version 5.~ ,  it just looks like someone blew up my iphone screen (it doesn’t seem to have the same clarity/sharpness as before)