atv loses media database info very often and low memory warnings

I have submitted these questions through a support request back in June 23th, and so far I have received. On July 10th I was asked what firmware version is installed (5.2) and since then I got a comment that they were looking into it and let me know (over a month ago).

If someone has any helpful comments I’d appreciate them, as apparently firecore support is really unreliable. 



1. Submit a diagnostic report on the Apple TV through the Maintenance --> Settings menu >> done.

2. A short description of the behavior you are seeing >> read below

3. Which tool was used to jailbreak the Apple TV? Seas0nPass

4. Are you using a wired or wireless network? >> Wired

5. Your Apple TV's serial number (found in the Settings --> General --> About menu) >> /////


I don't know if this is still related to the last support request i submitted, which ended not having info any solution, but I'm still experiencing erratic behavior with my atv flash media player.

Movies and TV are now mostly indexed correctly, but every few days the database gets completely empty with nothing to display. To get the data back I have to force media scraping, which eventually gets the data back on the media library.

So, here are my questions/observations: 
1. Though I don't know what is happening to cause the library to get erased, if it should be something like it couldn't connect to the file shares (unavailable for some reason), is atv automatically removing the existing entries on the library? If so, this behavior shouldn't occur as there should be a setting like in XBMC for cleaning the library manually or periodically if set.

2. I get "low memory on device" quite often. This occurs if I play a movie (usually HD), pause it, go the menus do something and get back to the movie - this is when it happens most of the time. From here one of two things occur: springboard reboots or the movie stops playing and I have to resume playing again.

3. Finally, I have some trouble understanding how the folder types work. I have setup one smb shared folder from where I get all my media. This shared folder has about 10 root folders, from which one is for movies and another is for TV episodes. I have manually set the type of the media contained in every one of those folders to one of the available options on the atv context menu (one is TV episodes, another is for Movies, and all other are set to none). The question is: are the folders set to "none" being ignored as they should? Apparently they're not because the media player also list a certain number of music files that should not have been scanned and also in the springboard main menu all the recent videos appear listed, even if from other folders that should not be scanned because I set the type to none.

I really hope my experience with FireCores aTVflash media player gets some decent consistency as soon as possible. I can honestly say that the library is not consistent, other than simple smb file browsing...



Thanks for reading

I was wondering if Firecore had ever responded to your posting and if they offered any assistance.

I’ve experienced both the disappearing media issue and the low memory issue.  I began noticing the issues after installing Infuse. 

The disappearing media issue has only occurred a few times, but the low memory issue occurs more frequently and at times daily.  I’ve noticed that the low memory issue always seems to occur shortly after performing a manual scan for new media.

Overall I think aTV Flash is a wonderful product and normally performs very well.  I just need to know how best to alleviate these two issues.


1)     Can Infuse be uninstalled?

2)     I would like the ability to schedule media scans more frequently than daily or at least be able to schedule a specific time for the scan.  Is there any chance that this could be an enhancement in the future?



Hi, thanks for your input - I was getting crazy thinking I’m the only one with these issues.

I have actually received replies from FireCore, but an actual answer only after posting this thread. The final comment was this one:


The only issue we're aware of was a change at TheMovieDB API that required us to adjust how we were searching for movie titles. This change would have occurred around the same time your ticket was originally submitted, and the fix was made available in early July.

One thing you may try, is to ensure you're running the latest version of aTV Flash (black) with Infuse for Apple TV installed, then clearing out the current metadata (through the Infuse > Settings > Reset menu).

Once this is done, do a re-scan to refetch everything again, and see if the issue occurs again.



Should suffice to say that the issues continue to occur. I too see that low memory warning too often. Most of those times I have to reboot the atv.



Thanks for the update.  Hopefully, the next update will resolve these issues.


I wouldn’t be too sure on that. They weren’t aware of anything wrong around with the logs from my device (I suggest you to open a separate support ticket with your info), so I don’t think they’re onto anything really.



Came home today and my entire library settings in infuse were gone. No shares. I have to set it all back up and hope it doesnt happen again.

After updating to 5.3 infuse seems a lot more stable, and haven't seen the memory warnings in a while.

Good to know that the memory issue seems to stops.

I usually have this after I have paused a video.


So far, I haven't experienced any memory issues after upgrading to 5.3.

The "iTunes Match" music skipping bug is all over though - it isn't sorted yet.