ATV Keyboard question

I am running on the most current ATV Flash version, and ATV 3.0. I bought a Pixxo wireless keyboard and mouse to use with the ATV from Fry’s. The mouse works great, but the keyboard doesn’t do anything. I changed the batteries to make sure that wasn’t the issue. Any suggestions on how I can get this to work?

Carl M

To use the keyboard on the AppleTV ‘Keyboard Magic’ will need to be installed through the Maintenance → Manage Plugins menu.

I double checked and I do have that installed. I tried both a wireless and a USB keyboard, but neither one worked. The wireless mouse still works just fine. Any suggestions?



The current version of Keyboard Magic will allow a keyboard to be used for entering text. Other keyboard controls are not currently supported.

Another question–can I use an Apple wireless keyboard that communicates with Bluetooth, or do I need one that communicates through USB? Also, if I want to have a keyboard and an external drive and a Loop Controller, what is the best solution? A powered USB hub?

The AppleTV does not support Bluetooth devices. RF wireless or USB devices can be used.

ok im totally confused now, I have a apple wireless keyboard and mouse, what do i need or have to get to make it work, with the new flashed ATV?

Thanks for the reply Guardianmax