ATV Keeps Losing Network Connection

I've recently applied aTV Flash to my 1st generation ATV. The problem I am now having is that the ATV often loses its network connection if it has been in standby for a while. This didn't seem to happen before aTV Flash, but I don't know for sure since I installed aTV Flash soon after getting the ATV.

Any suggestions on what I should try. It is annoying to have to type in my long network key everytime it loses the connection to the network.


Any thoughts or suggestions??? This problem has persisted. Does anyone find that their aTV keeps losing its connection to the network? Should I reinstall aTV Flash??? Ideas, please.

What type of router are you using?

I'm using a Belkin Pre-N router. I've never had a problem with the router with my PC laptops or iPhone. I'm running WPA encryption.

I figured out the problem. My ATV was on top of my cable set top box. When I moved it to the other side of my entertainment center, the problem stopped. I had read online elsewhere that sometimes other electronic items can cause interference with the ATV. That's apparently what happened to me. I hope this helps someone else.

Interesting. Thanks for following-up. :)

Hi, i have 2 atv first gen. Both have been flashed with the latest atv flash. And i have the problem with both atv’s that they loose the conection with itunes but i can still access youtube and trailers but not stream any movies. I then have to restart itunes, the atv and my apple base station before the connect to itunes in the devices list. The happens at least once every 2/3 days sometimes even 2/3 times a night. What could be the problem?


I had the same issue until I assigned a fixee IP address to my ATV… Since then, it all works fine…