aTV keeps going into recovery/DFU mode. Argh!

Hello, I’m new to this forum and I could really use some insight into this really annoying problem that I’m experiencing. I got the apple tv 2 a few weeks ago and after having used it for a week or so found this atv flash software that would give me the extra feature of being able to access my media stored on an external usb drive attached to my (windows7) pc.

I jailbroke the appletv (it took a while before I figured it out, but was ultimately successful) and according to the documentation performed a tethered  boot (using the 4.4 IPSW). I installed the atv flash software according to instructions and everything worked fine. Able to use all the added features, no problem…

After using it for a while and switching to regular TV all of a sudden I notice the appletv flashing rapidly and switching back to the appletv hdmi channel on my tv I see a usb cable and itunes logo displayed. No matter what I try, disconnecting power, hdmi cable … it will not get out of this recovery/dfu mode and I have to bring laptop to the tv again and restart the whole process of jailbreaking etc.

This has not happened once, it has happened 3 times so far.

  1. Why can I not get out of recovery mode if I wanted to?

  2. Could my wife’s iphone have something to do with this? Could she unknowingly do something on her phone to make this happen?

  3. Any ideas on how I could ensure not having to re-jailbreak all the time? That process is no fun and very lengthy.

Thanks in advance guys. I’m really frustrated with this!


That is what happens with a tethered boot any time the ATV2 loses power and/or does a hard reset for some reason. The ‘tethered’ aspect means that any time the ATV2 reboots you have to connect via USB to yor PC/Mac to complete the boot process. Quite hy this is happening is not clear, but is obviously causing problems.

You probably want to redo the jailbreak process using the latest SeaonPass which can now do an untethered jailbreak of the 4.4.4 firmware and thus cut the dependency on the PC/Mac to complete booting. Before you do this you will want to backup your current settings using the Maintenance->Manage Backups facility. Then when you have redone the jailbreak and re-installed the apps you can use the Restore option from Maintenance->Manage backups to get back your settings without having to re-enter them all again.