ATV just stays freezed at "starting Linux"

I’ve been watching this atv flash for months and finally decided to get it. Well this afternoon I finally gave in and purchased the product. Come to my avail that the stinking program doesn’t work. I’m using a PC XP 32Bit, I have 3 different memory sticks and they all are not working.I’ve googled and spent 3 1/2 hours. To find out that you got to use specific brands of memory sticks to get this patch working. So I went to Staples and purchased a ScanDisk Cruzer Micro 2GB. At 1st I used my 512MB Imation stick and you’ll see the ATV Flash logo loading. Then the black screen with the words to the top left would appear and just stay there not moving. The last thing it would say is “Starting Linux” and wouldn’t move or do any thing. I’ve tried removing the U3 stuff from the ScanDisk Cruzer with a programn someone else had posted some were on this forums “NOTHING”. I’ve tried to formating the different types of memory sticks I got. Someone even sayed to remove the DMG.file from the folder and puting it on the Desktop. Loading it from there even doing like the video says to just Download it if it’s 1st time and still “NOTHING”. I’ve tried factory resets to my apple tv taking it back to version 2.3 or what ever it was before 2.4.1, and still “NOTHING”. Here I’ll even write what it says when it just doesn’t move any more.

FB Start 0x10028000, with 1280 height 720 rowb 5120 depth 32
found - section ._.vmlinuz and segment..TEXT
found - section .
.initrd and segment.._TEXT
kernel command line-> atv-boot=patchstick video=vesafb
fix efi memmap
fixup memory overlap
memory range=[0x00000000026D8000-ATV: 0x000000000CF11000]
fixing memory traget
converting EFI memmap -> e820 memmap
video RAM fixedATV: clone ACPI entry to f8000…
clone SMBIOS enrty to f8100
clone nvidia vbios to c0000…
staring Linux…

Does any body have any input to what I’m doing wrong, is this download a corrupted file I got. Or did I get ripped off for $50 bucks.

Can some one help me out with this issue.

Sounds like it could be an incompatible flash drive? If you have a different drive, try that. Otherwise send us an email directly here:

You know what this new update worked and every thing is running smooth.
Thx alot