atv jerky and flashy

Ive had atv flash for quite a while and had this problem a few times.

Ive installed the update the other week and all was fine. Went to use atv the other day and everything is very choppy and laggy. Moving through menu’s playing music just starts and stops, photos. Everything is just very jerky. This must be about the 4th time this has happened

Also I cant seem to access the memory flash stick after ive installed the update onto it. Ive tried a few cards and the last card i tried is a sony one and I just cant get it to read on my pc. Even my Sandisk drives seem to loose most of thier memory. they are 4gb cards yet after i install the updates on them they only show about 300mb after ive deleted the update and they are empty.

I am spending a fortune on cards here everytime I do an update!


Your best option may be to remove any unused menu items. This can easily be done through the Maintenance → Manage Plugins menu. Simply highlight the item to be removed, press the right arrow (>>) and follow the prompts.

Also, your flash drives can be formatted and reused by following the guide here: