ATV ist gen to ATV 2nd gen

Maybe someone on here can tell me as I can’t get a response from sales. In October of 2011 I purchased ATVFlash for the first generation. I decided in December to get a new ATV 2nd generation. I emailed sales and they responded with

   “Yes, you can download the latest version from your account and install onto your new AppleTV once it arrives.”

The problem is that I have never been able to download as it is not in my account and no one responds with how to do this. This was a two year subscription, am I out of luck and my money?

Well it looks like I wasted 50.00, this is the reply I received. This is after they told me that I could transfer it to the 2nd gen. Well maybe in some recycling operation somewhere microbes will be enjoying their Flash/AppleTV for the next couple years.

Support, Feb 21 16:09 (MST):

Hi, it looks like the order you placed in October 2011 was for the silver version.

aTV Flash (black) would need to be purchased separately.

-FireCore Support