ATV internal space allocations - basic question

Iʻve been running my ATV for 2 years and with a Stardom RAID box as an external for over a year now.. Does everything I need, no problems... But I was in Itunes today and noticed that the space allocation on the ATV internal drive  is puzzling.. I have a few pre-RAID movies on the internal drive, an itunes clone and no pics.  The space allocation bar shows 54MB video, 16GB music and 94.6 GB other. Music is correct.  Video is way off unless the ATV doesnʻt recognize the videos that ATVflash installed as video.

Again, everything works fine.. Just a peace of mind thing to ask about.

Nothing to worry about - iTunes will only categorize media that has been synced through iTunes.  Anything that has been copied via FTP (movies, music, photos, podcasts etc) will be lumped into the 'Other' category.