ATV installation hangs

I have sucessfully created the flash drive, I have connected it to my ATV, I see the Apple Core logo, and I see the text on the left side of the screen. After a few seconds the the text stops, and hangs.

Below are the last lines of the code:

atv-boot-auto/manual/patchstick failed - starting telmetd

Then there is a line that says something “login”. I am not able to make out the first word… any ideas?

Did you have the AppleTV 2.3 DMG mounted while creating the patchstick? Basically did you have the OSBOOT volume on your Mac before launching the aTV Flash application? Also if that was mounted, did you make sure the aTV Flash application stayed in the mounted Volume and you did not move it outside. There are hidden files in that aTV Flash volume that the application uses to transfer files to the USB drive.

Thanks for the reply.

I am more a pc user than a mac but I will try and explain the steps I took. I had the DMG file on the decktop, I had the OS file on the desktop, and i did not move the flash application and I receieved installation confirmation once I created the thumb drive. Is there something else that I need to do? I have never really used a mac before…always just pc. Thanks again for your help

Excellent question! I too am new to a Mac and have no clue what any of this “mounting” stuff means. From everything I read, it has to be run from the “original DMG”. I have a new Macbook. I downloaded the ATV from the website and then it automatically appears on my desktop as a drive. Then I downloaded the OS Boot file from the instructions, which also appeared on my desktop. I then clicked on the ATV Flash from my desktop, it opened a folder, and I opened the ATF Flash DMG file from that folder.

I’ve tried 3 USB drives. Two were unrecognized, and one went through the installation and hung (that was the Cruzer 512MB). What’s strange is that the Kingston DataTraveler 2GB that everyone says works was not even recognized by my ATV.

I’m pretty close to giving up.

[Update] I finally got it working last night. 1GB GTX key from Best Buy worked fine.