ATV Infuse 7.1 and *.XML files


When a movie is misidentified I use *.XML files to enter the correct information found in IMDb or TMDB about movie descriptions, cast & crew, etc…

In Infuse 7.1 I noticed that the corrected information in the *.XML is ignored and the “old” information is displayed. Is this a known issue?

Thank you.

A correction to my earlier post.

It is only the cast & crew photos that are not updated correctly from the contents of the *.XML file.

Sorry about that.

I believe that the xml files don’t have the tags nessasary for cast in Infuse but the nfo files do. That’s just a guess from reading other posts though. :wink:

Also, here’s a thread that is a suggestion for cast and crew support in nfo files and it shows as planned so you may want to add your support there by clicking the like button on the first post in that thread.