ATV Home Screen - TV Show "Watching" Season Naming Format

Hey All - Not sure if this has been addressed in the past but just noticed it and thought I’d bring it up. I’m currently on the latest version of Infuse (6.2.6) for tvOS. I noticed that on the Apple TV home screen at the “Watching” section up, TV show season naming formats are either not consistent or maybe there is another issue going on.

Please see attached pictures. For some TV shows that are in the “Watching” section of ATV home, it just shows the season number in a single numeric format of “4” or “3” as shown in the pictures below. Then I have another TV show that has the TV show Title Name - Season X as the format in the “Watching” section of ATV home. My naming convention for the file name and folders are consistent. Not sure what is the cause of the Season naming format to be different, and I do prefer the Title Name - Season X format better, but not sure if this is some kind of bug or something, anyone else notice this too?

Sorry, this is a bug which has been resolved for the upcoming 6.2.7 update.

Thanks James, appreciate the update.

Hi James - I downloaded the latest version (6.2.7) which I believe should have “Resolved issues with season names.” After the update, I’m still having the same issues where the season names on the “Watching” section is just a roman numeral number. I’ve turning off the app, restarted the app, restarted the Apple TV, and none of that has fixed the issue. I have not tried deleting the app and reinstalling, since I’ll have to re-add the folder share, metadata, etc. which would take a while. If that fixes the issue, I’ll reinstall the app, but just wanted to make sure there isn’t something else I can do to fix this first. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

If you’re seeing issues with any series, you can use the Edit option on one of the episodes to reload metadata for the entire series.

Okay cool, thanks James, that worked! I also found another fix and probably the cause of why I was still having that issue. The Season # for the shows that were having this issue were the same ones that I previously had the issues before the recent update. Just realized that if I set the season to “Unwatch”, then start an episode in the season again, it fixes the season naming issue. I’m thinking the season # issue stayed there for only the prior shows I was already watching before the update, everything going forward is fixed. Thanks for updating the app and resolving this!

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