aTV for rumored Apple TV3?

Will Firecore start adapting aTV Flash for the rumored new Apple TV 3 when the product hits the market?

The rumors are supporting dual-core A5X processor and 1080p video.


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A rumored version of aTV Flash is in the works for the rumored AppleTV 3.  :wink:

But seriously, if and when new hardware is released we’ll do our best to get aTV Flash running on it.

Sounds great!

Can’t wait to get my hands on the new ATV3 :) 

1080p & Apple single-core A5 chip

the new Apple TV 3 looks really nice, I can’t wait for aTV Flash to work on it

I am wondering…

It doesn’t seem like the hardware is that different.  We’ll have to wait and see if the new Apple TV 3 has more than 256MB of memory, but it looks as if the rest of the hardware is pretty much unchanged.  So, could it be that this new AppleTV is going to be a Software update rather than a complete hardware revision?

I certainly would like to get that new UI on my current one.


And you will get to! Most tech sites are saying that the new UI/software is coming to the ATV2. So the only difference between the 2 and 3 is the resolution. The software will be the same.

Processors are different.  ATV2 used an a4 while the ATV3 uses a single core A5.  That means graphics hardware is a different as well.


True true. That’s all for the 1080p playback and increased performance overall.

Don’t forget about this fun spec: H.264 video up to 1080p, 30 frames per second, High or Main Profile level 4.0.  This is the same AVC profile used for blu-ray.  Once hacked, this should play my HD collection nicely (in native resolution).


What do I need to do to sponsor a developer and keep them motivated?


There needs to be a “buy a developer a beer” button somewhere…

Overall, we’re all very excited for the new AppleTV. There will undoubtedly be a few hurdles to overcome, but I’m confident we can make it happen.

Keep an eye out for a new blog post tomorrow…

Tell everyone you know to pick up a copy of aTV Flash and we’ll make sure the beer gets to the right place.  :slight_smile:

I grabbed my lifetime subscription when the sale was on. :slight_smile:


Damn, was there a sale??? I bough my aTV Flash (Black) last May, so wouldn’t have thought to check if there was a sale for something I’ve already got. A mail should have been sent out to the pre-1.0 early adopters saying ‘thanks for supporting us, here, have a complementary lifetime sub when yours expires’, while using the early often buggy software - I think I started on v0.7 or something low like that and it only really became a viable replacement to a dedicated media player during the couple of months leading up to Xmas.


Anyway, I’ve got my pre-order in for the new ATV3 so the ATV2 can go on the 37" Plasma in the bedroom … lets hope aTV Flash is up and running on the ATV3 before May!


So, will us pre-1.0 early supporters get a cheap upgrade or complementary lifetime sub when ours expire???


I think the beta sale was just on the initial purchase… and the years of updates after that were the same price. However I’m not certain.

I bought the lifetime during the beta too. Had to support this great work!

I bought my lifetime ATV2 in August when they were having the initial release sale.  Well worth the money.

@Stingray88, I assume then that you got the cheaper deal and just a year of updates, if so, then that’s what I got back in May.


@davetv, are you sure you got a lifetime of updates for the discounted beta price, check in your ‘Account’ to see when your downloads will stop.


Having said that, I just took a look at mine and I’m sure somewhere in the Account info, it stated it would end on the 15th May 2012. Perhaps that was just the Beta firmware expiry based in 1 year from purchase. It seems now that the Rel. 1.3 will expire 17 Nov 2012, which is a bit arbitrary - 9 months and 10 days from release date or 6 months 2 days after original 1 year expiry from purchase date.

aTVFlash-black.dmg (expires on 11/17/2012) aTV Flash (black), Mac - 1.3 February 8, 2012











SKU: atvflash-black4

Years of Updates: Lifetime


IRIC, they had the ATVFlash software for $20 and I picked up lifetime for an additional $30.

When the 1.0 version was released on 11/16/2011 all download links were reset to start from that day.

Any extra time you received during the beta phase was a free bonus.


Ah, that’d explain it then.


Thanks James.