atv flash/xbmc

What is the advantage of installing the atv flash software over just using xbmc .

None as far as I can tell…  I paid, downloaded and installed atv flash and there’s really no need - pretty much a waste of time and money.  xbmc is the way to go


It all depends on what you think of XBMC (or other free apps). I find XBMC cumbersome to use and much prefer the UI of the inFuse MeDia Player that is part of ATV Flash. I also occasionally use some of the other apps that are part of AZtV Flash although I must admit that inFuse is the only one that gets significant use.

I jailbroke apple tv to watch movies for free…  i paid for atv flash cause I thought it would expand capabilities.  if i wanted a cool interface i’d stare at my mac and my iphone and my ipad all day…  no thanks.