aTV Flash (xbmc edtition)

When trying to load the USB drive, I keep getting a “Process failed, Please try again” message.

I’m getting this too: “Process failed, please try again!” I’ve tried reformatting / erasing my 16gb flash drive using Disk Utility, but still not working.

update: I’ve tried reformatting, making sure to use “Journaled” and ATV Flash installer fails when trying to destroy the partition. (For kicks, I’ve experimented trying “FAT” but that fails even faster.) FWIW, I’m selecting a “GUID Partition Table” option in the “Partition” tab. Any ideas?

I’m on mac and have the same problem with Mac Os Plus and FAT 32 formatting. Don´t get it to work.

Finally I got the USB. The only thing i did different was to copy the installation app to my hard drive instead of running it from the image .dmg

Thanks. I just tried that, even unmounting the image before running the local copy.

Unfortunately, I am still getting the same failure(s) as before (I took two screenshots of the two failure messages). Just for laughs I tried “show package contents” on the installer and ran the installer from there. The terminal came up so I was able to see the transcript of the install.

Of note is:

2015-01-28 09:40:46.218 oleHelper[3944:152718] gpt destroy /dev/disk2
gpt destroy: unable to open device ‘/dev/disk2’: Resource busy
2015-01-28 09:40:47.522 oleHelper[3944:152718] destroying partition failed, bail!

I submitted a ticket last night but have yet to hear anything except a request for my OS (10.10.1 then, now 10.10.2) . Hopefully something will pop up soon!

Sorry - we’re looking into this issue, and it does seem popup on some systems when running the installer from the disk image itself.

Fix: Copying the installer to your Applications folder before installation, should allow it to run successfully.

We plan to have an update out shortly to correct this, but this should allow you to get up and running right away.

I just tried this twice, from a copy of the installer copied from the dmg image to my desktop then again from another copy dragged directly to my Applications folder. Both still failed.

I tried a 3rd time, this time viewing the package contents of the version of the installer now in my Applications folder, and when I ran it from the executable in the MacOS folder, the installation succeeded.

I hope your new release addresses this for those who are buying this after us.


Sorry for the trouble, but glad to hear you are up and running.

We pushed a minor update a few minutes ago that includes some better logging that should help us track down issues like this a bit more efficiently.

For those still having trouble after copying the installer to the Applications folder, please download the latest version from your account, and run through the process again. If it still fails, select the ‘Show Log in Finder’ option from the Help menu, and either PM it to me or attach it with a support ticket.

Thanks for the help. I got it running after moving the application onto the desktop and loading the USB from there.

what to do now??? i just got openelec and xbmc on my Apple tv BUT lost all the applications from the original Apple tv???
please advise

Did you not realize that this overwrites the Apple software? It is meant to run the more recent XBMC on the first generation AppleTV. To do so, the old system and its applications had to be replaced with openlec running XBMC.

“aTV Flash (xbmc edition) is finely tuned, optimized for speed, and provides a complete replacement for the standard Apple TV software.”

This was not like the older aTVFlash (silver) which patches the existing AppleTV OS, adding apps. That method only allowed you to run a now outdated version of XBMC.

well big big mistake, and i lost my money!!!

suppose to have Apple tv features plus latest kodi??..why loose the capabilkity of original Apple tv having 160 gb of music and videos plus nito tv and xbmc???

i found then a 160gb disk handling movies music but now based on kodi??

again my mistake…i will see how to proceed from now…

but according to your experience

will i have all my music potos and interacion i use to have with original Apple tv??

thanks for the advise

I suspect most of your files are still on your drive fwiw. Have you tried playing around with what you have now, or reading about what it is capable of? Many of the old ATV functions can be achieved via Kodi/XBMC.

I can’t really help you otherwise, sorry. I stopped using NitoTV years ago. I much preferred XBMC in the way it scraped my network moves and tv files, so I started using it more and more and eventually found myself preferring it over everything else, including the AppleTV native apps (apart from an occasional shared podcast d/l and some Airplay use). As I installed ATV Flash years ago and was running a very early AppleTV OS (which I did not update to preserve ATVFlash) , I had nothing to lose by going 100% Kodi/XBMC. Streaming iPhone/iPad to the ATV was a joke for example, so I was actually just about to abandon my ATV (or look to find a newer ATV) but this product gave me a new lease on a now outdated piece of hardware.

If you really hate having a leaner OS (which frees up the ATV to run XBMC much more efficiently), you can always rollback and reinstall the original the Apple OS (see the original instructions at the end). Then you can patch it again with ATFlash (silver) and run the outdated XBMC version available as an add-on. If you’re not really interested in doing that (running XBMC), I don’t know why you bought this.

i purchase the atv flash (silver) without xbmc edition at long time ago for lifetime is not be supposed i will get the new update file? please let me know where can i download it… thanks.

thanks arvinc for your message and certainly i will give it a try now that i realize the system is really fast and as you pointed out most of the tools you used to have on apple tv you can have it on xbmc, i ve been dealing with xbmc for many years but as part of the atv , and i liked it. last night i started to transfer all my music to the xbmc atv and starting browse the sites to see how can i organized music videos and pictures in just one place entertainment bridge. i have everything up and running with the latest repos regarding movies and it works flawlessly

one question regarding the way i use to use nito which was with a hard diisk having at least 30 dvds structures that will be great to have them as part of my new xbmc atv edition. any tips and hints to hook a hard disk drive and be able to use it as part of the system reading movies DVDs structures ? or will you better suggest to convert all that collection to MP4s

thanks for your time and advise

also if you can send me some good links to “how to” regarding doing music play lists , search data base music and organize
movies on the system

Its really quite straight forward, create a folder marked Movies, Another marked TV Shows, another marked Music within an external hard drive and drop everything in, films can go in as ordinary files no need for additional folders, and can also go in as rar files, separate TV shows by Show name in a sub folder, no need for Season folders unless you’re being picky.

from XBMC go to Videos, then add videos > and browse for your external hdd, then the Movies folder, then go into the Movies folder then select ok, click ok until you back out of the browser and it’ll come up with an option to change the scraper to TVDB, Movie DB or Music DB, select which one and it will scrape and create a library for you.

Do this for the TV and Music and you should be good to go, it will all run off the USB slot in the back of the ATV1

hello please help me, my brother purchase a xbmc edition and i am trying to run it on windows xp look the picture attachment file the error i get when i open the aTV Flash (xbmc edition).exe

and before to purchase the xbmc edition i read this part on that link

1st gen (silver) Apple TV
Mac: OS X 10.7 or later
PC: Windows XP or later
Internet Connection
USB flash drive

Try to run as Administrator, and right click and set properties to use service pack 2?

I know that normally works on Vista but it might just be the same.

Alternatively have a look at Crystalbuntu or Openelec, which are both free and do the same thing.

Can this version install to usb?

Even if you did install to USB, Ive always found the later versions of XBMC to be really slow, its better on the internal hard drive.