aTV Flash (xbmc edition) vs OpenElec

Openelec with xbmc 13.2 Gotham can be downloaded for free from openelec’s website.

What does the aTV Flash xbmc edition do that Openelec’s doesn’t?

I would love to know the difference?

you know i was wondering the same thing, to me it was easier to buy this version and apply for lifetime updates, BUT i hope when the updates come for kodi (IF IT WILL EVEN BE ALLOWED ON THE SILVER EDITION? IVE SEEN THAT OPENELEC WILL DISCONTINUE SUPPORT FOR ATV1 FOR KODI, SO IT IS EVEN REALLY WORTH IT?) IF they can give us updates that ONLY replace the files needed in order to save all our already installed apps, and settings, then the updates will be worth the cost…

if not, and openelec will no longer work on the atv 1, as ive been told by chewitt the main admin over on openelec then ive waisted a lot of cash, and ill be surely ■■■■■■ off becaue kodi is out, and they have gone away from gotham entirely…


Ive used openelec for ages, and eventually switched to Crystalbuntu, both very very good OS.

I dont understand why this costs $30 when CB and OE are free and exceptionally easy to install

I was about to ask the same question…

What´s the difference between aTV Flash XBMC edition vs Crystalbuntu or OpenElec.

Crystalbuntu and OpenElec are available for free and I suppose you knew that people were going to notice about that, so there must be a reason why XBMC Edition costs $30 bucks.

hey, the last released of openelec is for FRODO and this one the xbmc edition have the Gotham 13.2 that what is the difrent… OpenElec never will update anymore here is the NEWS

OpenElec Writed:

after many years, support for the mk1 (silver) AppleTV build has been discontinued, and there will be no official v5.0 (Kodi) release for Apple devices. This decision was partly driven by the Kodi development team removing CrystalHD acceleration support in Kodi v14.0 and the unrelated removal of the CrystalHD driver from the v3.17 Linux kernel. In both cases CrystalHD code has not been maintained for several years, and as surrounding codebases moved forwards over time the level of compatibility and optimisation has gone distinctly backwards. At the same time, XBMC’s gradual increase in size breached the limits of the 256MB RAM available in the box to cause a cascade of playback problems for an increasing number of users. Our AppleTV user base has grown sizeable over time, and to the users upset by this announcement we apologise. However, the project staff felt that it was time and that v4.2 should be the final AppleTV release.

Sounds about right, the ATV1 is slowly dying and with Kodi no longer supporting the ATV2 after Kodi 15.0 its time to look to new places for XBMC usage.

Android is definitely the way to go, cheaper boxes, better spec and 1080 playback, so so much better

I’ve had the Apple TV 1 for ages but havent used it in about a year, Ive kept updating it though just to keep it up to date but I think its time to get rid.

If anyone pays $30 for this setup you need your head testing.

People paying for XBMC LOL really?? I could understand if this was some commercial fork, I have used openelec but mostly have really liked Sam’s Crystalbuntu (waiting on the next version hoping for Kodi+CHD…) for many years.
I thought and hoped Firecore would come up with something more original by updating ATVFlash 1G than offering openelec with a price tag!