aTV flash xbmc edition and iMac

How is synchronised the xbmc with itunnes on iMac?
I synchronise my itunnes and iphoto library from the imac with the aTV flash.
Is it posible to work in the same way with the aTV flash xvmc edition?

I synchronised it manually via the samba protocol on my Windows XP computer. I guess you can do the same via Finder, haven’t tried that yet.
But otherwise it works brilliantly. I wanted a computer with XBMC before and tried it on the PC, but this is much better!

hey can please give me a link for download the atv flash xbmc edition please? thanks

what does synchronizing even do? any link so i can read it to find out all the details? so ur synchronizing xbmc with itunes?.. intriqued… does it auto update as well?

please fill me in, i want this feature…