aTV Flash Won't Run


I'm using Mac OS 10.6.6. I just downloaded the latest (supposedly) aTV Flash dmg file. I dragged it to my applications folder and double click on the app to run it. I see the icon with its corresponding dot next to it in my dock, but when i click on it to do the actual work to run it and install it to my flash drive, there is no corresponding application window. I can close everything else off the desktop screen, click on the app icon in the dock, and all I see is "aTV Flash" at the top left next to the Apple logo, nothing else. Clicking on the "aTV Flash" word at the left just turns it blue, there is nothing else below it in a pull down menu. Very frustrating. I spent $30 on the new lifetime upgrade to get nothing. I've restarted my computer, done maintenance updating, etc. Nothing for aTV Flash application/software. Any help is useful, thanks!

Are you following the procedure here? I found the video very helpful.