aTV Flash won't install

I’ve followed the instructions on this site

I get Seas0nPass.

I create an IPSW.

It downloads, mixes, combines, compresses…

DFU mode… again

itunes script…

Completed YEAH!

Plug in the atv2

Itunes logo.

In between error 4000/4001/4002/4003/4006 I’ve done this somewhere between 10-15 times… I think it’s been 4-5 hours total.

I can load IOS 5 unrooted with no issue.

I’m not finding anything in the bugs forums.

You mentioned ATV Flash in your title - but your message talks about the SeasonPass jailbreak process which is different software!   They are both from FireCore, but SeasonPass is the free jailbreaking software while ATV Flash is the chargeable software that adds additional apps developed by FireCore.

It sounds as if you have completed the initial jailbreak phase, but are then are not doing the tethered boot stage! When you get the iTunes logo that means that the ATV2 is waiting to be connected to a PC/Mac via USB to do a tethered boot.   The tethered boot is done via SeasonPass (NOT iTunes at this point).    After doing a tethered boot you need to then plug in the HDMI WITHOUT removing the Power. Any time you remove power or do a hard reset the tethered boot phase needs to be repeated.   Since you cannot remove the power at this point, this means that the ATV2 needs to be positioned where it is going to be used and you have to bring your PC/Mac to that location to complete the boot process.

At some point an untethered jailbreak is expected to arrive for the 5.0 firmware which will remove the need to re-connect via USB to a PC/Mac to complete the boot process.  That does not appear to be imminent and is expected to be a bout a month or so away from being available (and even that estimate is subject to change).

I need to plug my ATV2 into a desktop in order for the aTV Flash product to work?  And I can then never unplug the PC from my ATV2… I have a dedicated ATV2 PC for now until the next month (maybe)?  I can’t be the first person to say this, That is dumb.  Why wouldn’t I just plug my TV into the PC?

Can I downgrade to a version that doesn’t require a dedicated PC?

Can I use a USB thumb drive instead of an entire PC?

Is there a dongle available?


I did not say you could never disconnect the ATV2 from the PC. What I said was that any time your ATV2 loses power or does a hard reset it needs to be connected to a PC/Mac to complete the boot. Once that has been done it can be disconnected from the PC/Mac, but the power cannot be disconnected unless you want to repeat the process.

It is not the ATV Flash that requires this, but the fact that the current jailbreak for the ATV2 is what is known as a ‘tethered’ jailbreak, and this is what you have to do when using a tethered jailbreak. A ‘tethered’ jailbreak means that the ATV2 cannot finish booting without the help of a PC/Mac. Obviously an untethered jailbreak would be preferable but these are harder to produce and arrive later than the tethered variants. New jailbreaks have to be produced any time Apple updates their firmware. Currently there is only a tethered jailbreak for the recently released 5.0 firmware for ATV2 systems.

You cannot downgrade to an earlier release of firmware unless you took special steps to keep the digital signatures for your particular ATV2 for the release in question (which I guess is unlikely to be the case). That is a by-product of the protection mechanism’s that Apple use to discourage use of non-Apple software on their devices.

As was mentioned an untethered jailbreak is now expected in a month or so (although it might appear earlier if we are lucky). Until the untethered jailbreak appears you either have to live with the restrictions of using a tethered jailbreak or do without the jailbreak (which means you cannot use ATV Flash or other apps such as XBMC which only run on jailbroken systems).