aTV Flash Very Poor Product-Clearly Not Ready for Consumers

I wish I had read many of the threads here before buying the aTV Flash silver. I never would have touched it.

 From the moment I purchased it, I am finding out that it comes with bits missing and other bits not working and zero customer support to put things right. I bought this product as it claimed it was the consumer ready way to unlock your Apple TV, as opposed to the various other ways which require one to be more tech savvy.It is clear from the many posts here that the product should never have been released to a consumer market. In just a little over 24 hours, I have found that my Remote HD is inoperable, I am missing Hotspot Shield, I cannot use Flash or Firefox, have no Mobile Mouse or pointer or whatever is meant to come with it so as to navigate the installs and have no response to customer queries. 24hr plus response time by email with no phone support is simply unacceptable.

I bought this because I did not want to have to go through having to navigate the twists and turns of  "avtusb-creator " etc and Firecore advertises aTV Flash as the solution for this. But it seems from the many different threads here and my own immediate experience that you are left having to work with a prodcut that does not do what it says it will do and then have to go the tech savvy route anyway. Not for $69.95 I say. So either give me something that plugs and plays like it says it will or give me my money back! 

Hi Raymondo, I’m tempted to say how correct you are. Before purchase I believed the sales pitch and thought this would be consumer friendly. It’s not!

When I switch on my ATV 1 I see the clearly labelled and easily navigated original Apple menu headings and then I get to the extras loaded via Firecore and what a jumble of menus, headings, sub-menus and sub - sub-menus with terms and references which, I would strongly assert, are well beyond the knowledge or experience of the majority of consumers. I’ve had one or two minor ‘successes’ but after much blind stumbling through the whole unfathomable maze.

I’m no expert, but far from being without some computer or technology ability, but this stuff seems to have been designed (if that’s the correct word!) by someone who has no concept whatsoever of the term ‘user friendly’.       

Well, keep in mind that this is an hacking tool …

Inexperienced users shouldn’t be too lazy and learn some tricks from forums and tutorials … or live with the stock Apple software.

My setup is working perfectly (Eyetv with DVB stick, wireless keyboard and mouse, Transmission bittorent client, XBMC, firefox, flash, etc) and it’s all working on a 5 years old hardware.

For me this tool has given my ATV a new life.


“Well, keep in mind that this is an hacking tool …”

Good point you make I suppose, but it’s still a commercial product and as such should be fairly straightforward to use. Clearly it is for you, which leads me to believe I’m not very adept at these things!

As for Firefox, I can access it, but can’t enter any info’ into it. When I contacted Firecore support, this is exactly their reply:-

"Applications menu are actually Mac applications, and to control them you will need to use a mouse/keyboard or the Remote HD iPhone/iPad app.

Unfortunately these applications really aren’t very user friendly, which is partially why we hide the menu by default."


I think that goes a long way to supporting my case!



It IS commercial and it IS an hacking tool.

It let you use your ATV in a way it wasn’t meant by Apple, and this means that sometimes something can go wrong :slight_smile:

I’m not such a power user, and I had to look for informations in several places to find help (good places are and many things are also explained here in the tutorials and in the forums.

If something is not working as expected maybe it’s a good idea to start from scratch (reinstall original ATV software and then aTV flash). You should also follow the instructions carefully.

Also remeber that you may need the “recovery.dmg” file in the Documents folder when running the Smart Installer in addition to the 10.4.9 Intel update for NitoTV Smart Installer to properly enable AFP and other services.

You have to find those files by yourself because they are property of Apple!

you have a 15 day money back guarantee???.. seems like you want support like apple but a product that does a hell of a lot more than apple offers… guess what it aint going too happen and all your whining wont change that. restore you apple tv to factory settings and if you cant handle the heat stay out of the kitchen! FYI the guys a Firecore have done a remarkable job and there updates and product development is second to none,  My system works a treat, it aint perfect but for4 the money its the best your going to get and it will only get better.

The product does exactly what is says it does and it does so extremely easy.  The fact that once the ATV has been hacked and you can’t figure out the menus has nothing to do with the aTV Flash.  I’m very disappointed to read these comments.  

Cheers to Firecore for cracking your ATV, now it’s your turn to learn how to use it now that it’s cracked.


Of course you’re correct in most of what you say although “extremely easy” is I believe a bit of an exaggeration, but there again perhaps to you and others it is. Fair enough. The term ‘user friendly’ is highly subjective of course, but I think if you placed this product in front of the average consumer (and I think I am above the average in knowledge and experience) most would find it difficult to use. You don’t so that’s fine.

Incidentally, and with no direct relevence to this thread, about a month after installation of Firecore, my ATV froze and no number of restarts would solve the problem. Eventually, I did a factory restore and reinstalled all my media and Firecore. Just two days ago the same thing reoccurred. This time I did a general internet search which ironically brought me to this forum and this very problem, laying the responsibility at the door of the Firecore hack. I have now done a full factory restore and reinstalled everything except Firecore.

Of course I cannot say whether the installation of Firecore had anything whatsoever to do with this problem and maybe it’s entirely coincidental that my ATV ran without this problem for nearly 4 years without this happening but occurred twice in a little over a month since its installation. Who can say?

In conclusion, I really am pleased it’s a fine product for you and others. Really I am! All I give is my opinion and my experiences and that surely is one of the purpose of a forum such as this?  




Did you put the the “recovery.dmg” file and the 10.4.9 Intel updater in the Documents folder?

This is very important before you run Smart Installer because some files needs to be placed in the right places.


Thanks for that, but I don’t know whether I did or not! As I’m not at all sure what you’re talking about, the answer is probably no I didn’t.

I have concluded that whole thing is beyond my level of knowledge and patience as, in the end, I can live without it quite happily, more so now that ‘Smart’ technology and facilities are becoming more common to the new breed of TV and set top boxes.

Thanks again for taking the trouble to post your advice.