aTV Flash V 3.4.3 and apple TV Firmware 2.4

Hi all,

Love aTV Flash and have been using it for some time without change on apple TV V2.3 and aTV Flash V3.4.3

As the process to support my older Composite TV was…well hard to get sorted / change - i have not upgraded.
Long story… but my AppleTV has been upgraded to V2.4 and I am trying to install aTV Flash 3.4.3
All seems ok - BUT USB support [KEY] is NOT working and i even got my hopes up when i saw the TV Composite option on the installer - but that does not work so only B&W until i go terminal and sort it out.

Question: does aTV Flash V 3.4.3 work with apple TV Firmware 2.4?
I cannot really justify upgrading aTV flash and 3.4.3 worked great.

Please advise

Thx - Maj

Unfortunately no. The first version of aTV Flash that was compatible with the 2.4 AppleTV software was 3.6.1. The current version of aTV Flash is 3.6.4.

thx for the speedy feedback

One thing that always holds me back from upgrading… is the TV Composite issue. My [old] plasmer TV uses RGB Composite [No HDMI]. I followed various threads to successfully terminal my way to a solution for this but would prefer is as a setting.

I had tried the option with aTV but this never seemed to work. Had this been addressed in the new version? It asks me NTSF or PAL but even once run… does not give me colour :-(.

Lastly… any special price offers floating around?

Br M

Composite is fully working in the current version. The guide for setting this up can be seen here:

ok - perfect!

I am happy with composite option - works with old aTV version.

Now - before i take final jump - given the unit is already firmware v2.4 and i have already tried to atv flash it with older version v3.4.3 - will i simply install the latest OR do i need to reset back to factory first?

Thx and excellent support.


Yes, as long as you are running AppleTV 2.4 the current version (3.6.4) can be installed on your current system. No restore required.

An impressive upgrade - well done guys.

The only issue i have is that after installing the smart installer - then installing / enabling TV Composite / added rc.local to TVComposite.kext
All was good and colour was enabled BUT - after rebooting - back to B/W, and seems no way to enable colour again. I did a full system restore > update to 2.4 > aTV Flash and repeated the process. Colour working… then reboot… and B/W

Any advice or test i can do?

Again… impressive update and well worth it… once i get my colour back :wink:



It seems if I add rc.local to TVComposite.kext - it works only once - and will not work after a reboot. I cannot even select TVComposite.kext to enable it.

if I remove TVComposite.kext from rc.local - reboot then select TVComposite.kext - it works.

So I need to enable TVComposite.kext each time which… will not please the wife and kids… options?


Can confirm:

Manually enabling after each boot works however changes to rc.local do NOT work

Thx for any advice


Very strange. We’ll see if we can replicate the problem here.

Hi guys, have 2 ATVs that have the same problem. After Finder reload ok but reboot no color :frowning:

(Using 576i (PAL) with external drive.)

Tks for looking into the problem.


many thanks - let me know if there is any info / process i can do from here

Br M

I have just upgraded the aTV to 3.0 [nice look BTW]
Updated with V4 of aTVFlash.

Still the same issue.
Very odd…
If i enable manually… it works as expected… but trying to add to rc.local - is disables it completely - including the ability to manually enable it.

Any logs / files i can check?

Help… it’s ok for me… but for the kids and wife… too complicated to enable it manually each time.



ping :slight_smile:

any update with this one?

to follow - TV is European… aTV set for Pal

would love to solve.

Br M

As an update… i have restored system to factory, upgraded to latest aTV firmware, patched with latest atvFlash.

I have aTV unit purchased from the US, I have Pal TV [576i-50hz]. All looks ok but B&W

I have installed smart installer
I have installed 'TVComposite [PAL]
I ‘Tried’ to [Utilities > Kernal Extension Manager > TVComposite.kext > Add to rc.local
Reboot AppleTV
No go… still B&W
If I try manually to enable TVComposite… it does not work so i need to Remove from rc.local and reboot…

Remove from rc.local… [Utilities > Kernal Extension Manager > TVComposite.kext > Remove from rc.local]
Select manually [Utilities > Kernal Extension Manager > TVComposite.kext]

Works… BUT… i need to do this every time… i mean manually. Wife and kids not happy…

Help [please…]


a quick word of thanks… it is now working with latest version.

Thanks guys!