ATV Flash to NAS... AFP vs. SMB

Hi Guys,


I’m enjoy using atv flash that is very great.

Now I noticed that while it’s fine, and very fast to access my NAS and reading file over AFP (Apple Filing Protocol), it is absolutely not usable accessing it over SMB protocol.

My NAS is a Time Capsule.

I moved to ATV to use AFP since I had exactly same issue with WDTV Live with SMB (with alternative firmware).

In my case it’s not Network issue, since I plugged ATV on Time Capsule ethernet switch port. (Did same with WDtv).

As a lot of dev goes arround SMB, it could be great to understand why this fails vs. AFP which is fine, stable, fast… in some word : Perfect.


Thanks you all Firecore’s dev team to produce so great hack.


Advanced read-ahead buffering was added for AFP streaming in version 1.6. This same level of buffering is in the works for SMB and NFS and should be available in the next update.


Hey James, I just tried ATV Flash 2.1 and it seems that AFP is still WAY faster than SMB when using the Media app to peruse my library.  I have been using SMB for quite some time because SMB makes symbolic links look like real files so I could have the same video in two directories without taking more disk space.  However, my performance has always been horrible.


Today I tried out AFP and it was blazing fast.  I thought it was due to the 2.1 software upgrade (which may have improved things somewhat) however when I switched the Apple TV that I had running on 2.1 to SMB, things slowed back to a crawl.


Any word on getting SMB to work as fast as AFP does?  Having a single video reside in multiple directories is a cool feature that can only be accomplished with SMB, but I may just need to stat using your “Library” feature – I may just need to create a fake genres for “Under 30 minutes” or “Under 60 minutes” or “Under 90 minutes”.


Unfortunately at this point SMB streaming is as fast as it will probably ever be. The protocols are quite different, and SMB just has more overhead than AFP which will always make it a bit slower.

NFS is another good option with low overhead, but it’s not supported on some devices (such as Time Capsules).

In any case thank you for your support.


I hope to see ATV3 with flash on it to have 1080p back on screen :wink:


Thanks again