ATV Flash Stuttering .flv flash playback...

I am new to ATV flash, but I have some 720p flash streams that I downloaded. I have uploaded them to the AppleTV but when I try to play them back the video just stops and stutters for 1 to 2 seconds at a time. Any ideas of what I can do to help with this? I will be happy to try any suggestions. Thanks.

Do you know the specs for your files? Even with aTV Flash installed the AppleTV will be limited to maximum video resolution: 1280x720 @ 24fps, 960x540 @ 30fps, up to 5 Mbps bitrate

I have checked. My video is 1280x720 at 23.9 and I am no where close to 5mb/s. Any other ideas. I am happy to try anything.

Do you have a small sample file you would mind sending over? We can try and replicate the issue here.

I will be happy to upload a file. Where do I need to upload it?

Do you have dropbox? If so, just upload it to your public folder and PM me the download link.