ATV FLASH - Stuck on Transferring Files

I successfully installed season pas. thethed boot… but when trying to install ATV Flash - it’s just sitting there with the “transferring files” night rider progress bar…


How long does it take?  I have rebooted and same thing…


Any help would be appreciated.



Sorry rebooted my laptop (PC) and now getting a Installation Failed Error 9.100


Anyone have any ideas?

Latest 5.1…



u on 5.1 or 4.4.2?

5.1 using atv flash black ver 1.4.1 no problem

4.4.2 using atv flash atv flash ver 1.4 no problem


maybe redownload atv flash or use another pc or laptop to installed and test again

also can try disable firewall? really am not too sure wait for pro ^^

Redid Seasonpass…ATV tethered boot - no problem - but same issue…oh even tried using my wifes laptop… 


most of the time is just sits at xfer files…not sure what else I can do…???


mine no problem tested 5.1 tethered boot and installed atvflash 1.4.1 before i downgrade 4.4.2

maybe u wait awhile and see how it goes when xfer files. some time do take longer abit

Just loaded Putty and SSH to the box - no issues…

OK - finally loaded!!!


I plugged my laptop into the router DIRECT - not WiFi…installed in secs !!


For all those having issues - try a direct ethernet connection I.E. Plug ATV into your router and then your laptop.


Good Luck!!


Great you got it resolved.  My guess is that the repositories where the ATV scripts tell the iOS to download the files were down at the time…