aTV Flash Step by Step Guide To Setting Up Media Player

Is there no such support item? I need a step by step guide on how to get the media player to see a shared drive on my Macbook pro. Any help please?

On you MBP open System Preferences

Under “Internet and Wireless” click “Sharing”

Third option down on the left is “File Sharing” click that

Now on the ATV go to “Media” then “Settings” 

Under “Settings” click “Manage Shares”

Then click “Add Share”

This should take a few seconds to show up but you should now see you MBP listed. Click on it when it shows up

Scroll down to “User” and enter your user name

Do the same for the “Password” or leave blank if you have no password

then click “Save Changes”

Now go back to the “Media” tab on the ATV menu and click “My Files”

You should see “Local” with File System listed BUT also “Remote” with your MBP listed. Click your MBP

This should show you your MBP hard drive also your User Home folder and shared public files

Now just navigate to the correct folder and select the file you want to play. 

Thanks much friend! I’ve found that the media player is still very raw. I keep getting “device low on memory” errors while it tries to collect metadata. Also playback has been poor for mkv 720ps with dropped frames, heavy lag and drop outs.

No worries,

As for the media player, I to have the same issues with mkv files. What I use is a small program called Subler which takes mkv files and saves them as m4v ready for itunes and it is very quick and also will allow you to download all the metatag data for the file.

You can check out the thread that talks about joining the beta release of the media player here



What is the user name and password in settings. I’ve tried everything. Help!

This is determined by the username/password specified when the share is set up at the Mac end.   If you did not set it explicitly it is probably the same as your mac login.

Still doesn’t work  :frowning:

So ive connected home sharing with ITUNES but still cant with Media Player. I know its something simple but cant work it out. Cant understand why i can access my Mac Home sharing but not Media Player.Cant be a firewall then can it?