aTV Flash - openELEC "upgrade"

Even though I am a “life member”, went ahead and bought this “update” for its full price. It is an update somewhat like Redhat was for Linux. I’ve looked at the xmbc update for ATV1, I have to say I was happier with the original system by a country mile. Even though the Apple OS is obsolete it still has a better finish and feel than All xmbc, All The Time. Unfortunately, ATV1 AND ATV2 are both EOL and its unlikely that we’ll see enough demand to drive a jailbreak solution for ATV3. With obsolete hardware being their only resource, Firecore chose this path to remain relevant. So, now, each of us has to judge whether this is an “update” that is worth it. I just wish I had seen something that clearly stated this update would replace instead of exist beside Apple’s OS. Kodi doesn’t work on the old aTV Flash, but XMBC was still somewhat functional. I think I’ll go back.

Personally the Crystalunbuntu is awhole lot better and I think to be charging People $29 for OPENELEC which you can get free with the newest Software on the Internet ist a pure RIPPOFF