aTV Flash on ATV 2 and music library moved to Time Capsule

Dear Team and forum,

my set up is an ATV 2 and a 2TB TimeCap. The TC holds all of my movies, which will play through your software. But what’S with my music.

Will I be able to copy/move (whatever) the iTunes lib from my iMac to the TC and then listen to it through the ATV without (!!!) running my iMac? So basically I d use the ATV/ TC combo as my complete media center?


Thanks for your information

Yes, both music and videos can be played from the Time Capsule directly.

When accessing these files from the Time Capsule you would use the Media menu, instead of the normal Computers menu.

excellent this has more or less answered my question.


One other thing however, do the folders containing the video files on my time capsule (and usb disk attached to the TC) have to be served via smb?

You can stream via AFP or SMB as the Time Capsule will support both.

Dear James,

Is it somehow possible to play your music from your Time Capsule through your Atv (media menu) by using the same playlists as you have on iTunes? (pc turned off)