atv flash nuked my drobo = epic fail

Hi all:


i was so excited about using the atv flash. I downloaded the software, followed the instructions. While formatting the patchstick (I did select the right patchstick) atv flash threw out a weird error and erased my 3TB worth of data on my attached drobo instead.


Any thoughts? I'm running datarescue II to see if I can salvage anything. I am very much regretting my purchase of atv flash. I am quite beside myself about this issue.


-- Scott D

I'm sorry to hear about that, it is very unfortunate.

The only time we've seen this is when the drive in question was selected from the drop-down menu instead of the flash drive.

By chance were either of the drives disconnected while the installer app was open?  If either drive was disconnected and the 'refresh drive list' button was not pressed it could possibly result in this outcome.

 Hi Max:

I believe that is what may have happened. The drobo was asleep (unmounted). Although I had originally selected my USB flash drive in atv flash, when the drobo woke up it showed up in the list and bam!

Talk about a one in a million event . Yikes.

Recommendation: On your warning screen (where it says data will be erased), you might warn people to physically disconnect external drives mounted either via USB or firewire. My drobo was mounted through firewire.

Yea, that sounds like it could have been the cause.  Sorry 

I've got a few thoughts on some safety measures I will pass along that should make it into an upcoming version to avoid potential issues like this in the future.