ATV Flash Not working in Europe

ATV Flash Black not working in Europe. Cannot install Nito or XBMC.

Nito TV Installer not working either.

Any ideas, Firecore?

Same in the US.   Their website is down.   Both nitoTV and ATV can’t install XBMC.

Is it just a server problem, perhaps?

yeah, hosting server problem. I wish fircore host their own server so we can install XBMC when is down like today.

Well, I hope they extract their digits pronto.  It’s playing havoc with my goods outwards.

They said all their servers are intact and probably just the naming resolution issue.  Hopefully they can resurrect it soon.

Is there any reason why this cannot be used ??

Well, maybe but it sure isn’t working for me.

anyone know if there is ETA on a fix?