ATV Flash Media player

Installed ATV Media Player to see what it was like. Then decided to watch a a movie with AC3 audio and guess what there was no audio, tried previous movies with dolby 5.1 all had no audio (all had worked just yesterday). Tried one with stereo audio and all worked fine. Un installed the ATV Flash media player and all worked fine again . It looks like the media player was stopping in 5.1 audio out as it does not support it yet.

I have no sound on half of my videos. I think AC3 audio ..... Using XBMC, the ATV Flash media player is installed. How do i get rid of the ATV Flash player ?

There is no deinstallation -option in the menu. Thx in advance. I am pretty new to all this and I am really happy, that everything went fine so far

(jailbreak, installing ATV Flash). Now I have to solve this audio-issue.