aTV Flash - Installing EyeTV

Hi All,

So im currently awaiting delivery of my 40GB Apple TV and im looking into buying ATVFlash because it really looks like a nice and simple way to open up the AppleTV and install additional programs ect, however one thing I just wanted to double check was with regards to the EyeTV software.

Basically I would like to use my Apple TV as a basic PVR, and I see that it has been tried by lots of people with varying degrees of success! Several of the posts are older and pre- ATV 2.3 tho so I wanted to ask a couple of questions, if anyone would be kind enough to help?

In the 8th photo down on the left of this page (the one showing the Firfox logo) the software is shown. Does this mean it is included on the AVTFlash stick as standard?

If it is not included, which is the best eyetv software to use? To summarise the posts in this forum it seems to be version 3.0.2?

Many Thanks guys!

EyeTV is not included with aTV Flash, and would need to be purchased separately.

You would want to use the latest version that is compatible with Mac OS Tiger (the Apple TV runs a version of Tiger).

EyeTV 3 will not work on the Apple TV, EyeTV 3 is 10.5 only as far as I know. I have 3.1 and tried it on the Apple TV and failed because the Apple TV does not have Leopard. I’m not sure exactly what version works, let me see if I can find it out somewhere.

Hi, thanks for the response and for clarifying! So then to clarify (and if people are looking at this thread to get the same answer I was after) the eyeTV the software can be installed using the Smart Installer included in ATV flash and following the wiki:

Hi, thanks for your comments, Ive read that up to eyeTV 3.0.2 is possible, apparently 3.0.3 and above is not possible because it then requires Leopard.

Will se if I can find the 3.0.2 software somewhere and have a go when the appleTV turns up (hopefully this week), am hoping it works, having the AppleTV work as a PVR would be a massive bonus and round off a great bit of kit imo