aTV Flash Installer

Is it me or is nobody else having a problem in executing the app that I have paid for. when you click on aTV flash you are presented with an error i.e.
oops the flash installer cannot proceed

This is due to 1 of 2 things

  1. You are not connected to the internet

  2. This version of ATV Flash is out of date, please download the latest version …

I never had a problem before now all of my archived versions do exactly the same so I am not able to install any of them anymore to my ATV. so in effect I have paid for something that I can’t even install, as I had to do a factory restore because of increasing problems due to different updates to this increasingly flaky app.

Let me check it out for you.

EDIT: I just downloaded aTVFlash 3.4.5 and I was able to launch it fine. Older version do expire to hopefully stop all the people that pirate the application. It may inconvenience some users who want to use older versions, but we do have to protect against piracy as it is a big issue. Saying that, you do have to be online to run the program.

yes I was online when I tried to run the installer so why does it tell me that 3.4.5 is out of date ?

When did you download 3.4.5? Try downloading it again and see if that one works. I can’t tell you why as I am not involved in the development, I can only tell you things to try out.

I had this exact same problem. My only guess is that it is because I downloaded the file soon after release, but didn’t get a chance to actually install it until a few days later.

Anyway, I’m happy with how my 3.4.4 version is going, so I think I’m going to stick with that for the time being.

It’s so good to have a working version of Sapphire!

Just downloaded again for the third time, exactly the same problem, my guess is there has been a hidden file put on the system to stop me opening it. !!

Are you sure you don’t have some sort of Firewall program enabled, like Little Snitch, or one from Norton or Intego? If not then I’d say either wait for atvflash to comment in here or send an E-mail to see about getting further support:

I am no longer able to download the latest version of ATV flash using my account. I want to put the app on a flash drive so I can load it to my Apple TV. Do I have to buy aTV flash again???