ATV Flash Installation/Download Issues

I have spent the better part of last week attempting to upgrade to ATV Flash 4.0.1 without any luck and plenty of frustration. I have logged onto this board religiously daily to see if there are any updates and followed them to the letter also without success. Another worrying issue for me was that each time i attempted to download the ATV Flash update from the website it failed to the point where i only have one download left in which to salvage my apple TV setup. I have gone from having the ultimate (in my own opinion) setup where all my files played on the appletv via a NAS with external usb storage on the Apple TV streaming all over the house via iMac, TV screens, iphones etc to being forced to factory restore my Appletvs to 1.0.


how can i get my downloads back to the 25 downloads remaining, my appletv to 3.0.1 with all my tweaks back and have a normal audio visual life back.

I must say this update has been by far the lousiest since i purchased ATVFlash and it is shocking given the relative ease with which all other updates had been applied.

Any helpful response would be highly appreciated!!