ATV Flash inFuse features missing from iOS inFuse

With the recent discovery that jailbroken ATV2s are incompatible with AirPlay from devices running iOS9 I would like to put my ATV2s back to standard Apple firmware (thus getting back AirPlay from iOS9 devices) and then use inFuse running on an iPad as the way to play my media. Their are two capabilities in the ATV2 version of inFuse that are missing to make this a really good alternative:

  • Playing Audio files
  • Playing video from ISO images

Any idea when (if) these capabilities will appear in the iOS version of inFuse? Posts in the past have indicated that they are both on your development roadmap. It seems to me they will be wanted anyway in the ATV4 version of infuse to make it a full replacement for the ATV2 version? I was assuming that the capability would appear in both the iOS and ATV4 versions of inFuse at about the same time since they are both iOS9 based.

Others as well as myself have been asking about DVD image playback in various forums for quite some time and, as far as I’m aware, there hasn’t been an official response. Can we get a reponse to this and the audio file question?