ATV Flash - Infuse does not find my DLNA server


I was running my ATV 2 with Kodi the last year to be able to also watch my media hosted on my DLNA server driven by Mezzmo. As Infuse is the greatest App for watching movies on my IPad (locally stored while traveling or from my DLNA server) I’ve purchased ATV Flash Black to have that great and easy player also on my Apple TV. Kodi does it’s job, but Infuse is much more intuitive and reduced to the max.

For now I was not able to get Infuse on the ATV connected to my DLNA library and I currently feel my 30 bucks a bit wasted. I’m still using Kodi (what I had before). OK, the permanent Netflix update messages are gone, but that’s a high price.

Maybe anyone can help me with the DLNA issue, I currently have no ideas what may be the problem. It’ll find SMA shares, but especially 1080p HD material in high quality has some issues with long bufferings and not ideal performance (there is also a warning on this shown in Infuse), I definitely want to use my transcoded DLNA server stuff (that’s why I’m running it in my network).

Any help is highly appreciated.

Thank you!

DLNA is not (yet) supported in the current version of Infuse for Apple TV. Sorry.

1080p will work over SMB, but using an ethernet cable will be your best bet to ensure a consistent connection.