ATV-Flash home calling

Hi there!
This is probably not the right part of the forum but then again it´s the most frequented part and this seems rather important:

Trying to roll back some things I noticed that at least since 3.3.3 your app is checking online for newer versions. If there is a newer version the app refuses to continue. That leaves me with two questions:

  1. in case of buggy or not entirely tested releases (like nito 5.5 or 6.0 right now) you don´t permit a rollback?
  2. when the update-timeframe for my 50$ runs out and there is another release, I can´t use my (paid) product anymore?

keeping the patchsticks is not a valid option, they can break etc.


It’s an anti-piracy measure. Old versions are deactivated if they leak out onto torrent sites. They are not deactivated simply because there is a new version.

Hi there!
Ok, I can respect that.
Not entirely cool when you need one of these versions though.