ATV Flash goes away

I jailbroken my appletv with the latest update of seasonpass and atvflash black, but if powered down or unplugged it will not boot up anymore. What is the deal with this?

The latest jailbreak for the 5.2.1 firmware is tethered.

This means that that the ATV2 cannot boot unaided, so any time power is removed, then when the system is next powered on it needs to be connected to the PC/Mac to via USB to repeat the tethered boot step that was the last stage of the jailbreak. You do NOT repeat the earlier stages of the jailbreak which created the IPSW fle and restored it in iTunes.

To avoid the need for the tethered boot you should simply put the ATV2 into standbye/sleep mode when not in use rather than removing power.


Hi. I also have the same issue, is there a way around this? I have a couple of these around the house and everytime the power goes out i need to start again? 

You need to repeat the tethered boot - not repeat the full jailbreak process. A big nuisance but much faster than re-jailbreaking.

There is no way to avoid this until the jailbreaking community manage to produce an untethered jailbreak for the latest ATV2 firmware.

You can buy a Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)