aTV Flash functionality Questions before purchase



I want to have a nice media center for my home. I was either planing to get the new MacMini or the AppleTV and aTV Flash. MacMini would probably be a overkill for the stuff I want/need, so here are some questions about what aTV flash can do or are there any ways to get it:


  1. I have AirPort Extreme with USB HDD hooked up onto it for my media files. Can I hook it up to AppleTV’s USB port and acces my media on it (I don’t want to keep the drive on AirPort Extreme)?

  2. Can I play FullHD Movies without any problems?

  3. Is there any way to have EyeTV running on AppleTV? - This is probably the most important feature, since I want to be able to watch television and have access to my media all the time (and also record, play/pause live TV). I love the AppleTV interface (though I might be installing XMBC/Plex). I know there is no way to access EyeTV from AppleTV interface directly, but is there a plugin of some sort?


Thanks in advance,