ATV Flash-Failure to Launch

I downloaded the latest version from Friday but it will not launch. I just get the spinning beachball of death every time I open ATV Flash. I tried redownloading a new .dmg but to no avail. I’ve tried deleting prefs. Nothing seems to work. I’m on a macbook with leopard 10.5.8 Any ideas?

So you have moved the aTV Flash folder into your Applications folder and launched from there?

I did but I’ve just given my system a colonic with Onyx and redownloaded the .dmg again. Update, it still will not open no matter where it is

Just to see what happens create a new Administrator account on your computer and try from that fresh account. I’ll try to see if I can figure something else out if that does not work. Have you contacted Fire Core yet?

Hi there

Am having the exact same problem and am finding it soooo frustrating

Have either of you guys found a solution with this problem

Heres hoping

Have a good day

I had the exact same issue… looks like some sort of Java issue to me. Tried updating Java to the latest version which did not help. I’m on a new MacBook Pro 15"… fresh clean install and it still does not work. Only way to get it to work was to move the .dmg to my iMac and run it there… bingo it worked first try.

Now that I’ve got the flash drive created and aTV installed now I have another problem… No AppleTV Menu text once the machine reboots! Arrgghh! I cannot use the remote… if you touch any button an error message pops up and wants to reboot the machine. I’m able to SSH into the box and I’m able to restore the factory firmware so the box isn’t fubar yet. I’ve sent an email to the support email address but as of yet have had no response.

There may be a simple solution for unlaunchable aTV Flash if it caused by diskutil…
Just run “diskutil list” in your terminal and post here it’s output. And by the way if this command takes too long to finish then that’s the root of your problem.