atv flash does not run on mountain lion

opening aTV Flash gives an error message: “aTV Flash ist beschädigt und kann nicht geöffnet werden” (…is corrupt and cannot be opened).


What to do? (wait a little time for an update, i hope?)

Got the same problem. In System Preferences, Security&Privacy, insure that “Anywhere”  is selected under “Allow applications downloaded from”. Then, restart aTV Flash. It should work as it did for me. 

Yes, an updated version of aTV Flash is in the works and will be available soon.

Is there any estimated date for new version for Mountain Lion? Because I have purchased aTV flash yesterday now I can not install it. ANd there was not any warning about it. 

aTV Flash version 4.5 (with Mountain Lion support) was released today!

and what about aTV airplay support for the second generation black Apple TV under mountain lion? I’m not getting Apple TV mirroring coming up as an option in mountain lion - is this normal?

There are a few reason why this could be happening.

  • The Apple TV is not running the latest 5.0.2 Apple TV software
  • Your Mac is too old to support Mountain Lion mirroring (only supported on 2011 and newer Macs)


I’ve updated atvflash 1.7 today to enable Airplay mirroring from my MacBook with OSX 10.8 but still my MacBook can’t detect the AppleTV (2).

After Update of SeasonPass and update to IOS 5.0.2 it’s working.

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I cant seem to get my apple TV2 to update to the latest software so I can use the mirroring.  It’s saying it has 4.3 and that it’s up to date.  

Is it because I jailbreaked it that it wont let me update?