aTV Flash crashing with almost every function

Hi everybody,

I just purchased aTV flash and did it by the books: First a factory restore back to 1.0 to get a fresh start, then an update to 3.0.1 and then I installed aTV Flash 4.0 by rebooting with the patchstick plugged in. Unplugged it after it finished its work, rebooted and after it came up, it rebooted again showing me the extra menu items.

All went fine but when I try using it, almost every function (for example “Manage Plugins”, “Install Software”, “run nito smart installer”) results in “an Error has occured, press Play/Pause to restart your Apple TV”. I can’t do anything basically.

I am thinking there is not much I could have done wrong except for maybe spending 50 bucks on this?! It said it was plug&play even for non-technical people.

Any help is appreciated!


The current version of aTV Flash has a few issues with the 3.0.1 software that was released yesterday. An update will be available soon.

Follow this thread for updates.

Bummer. It didn’t say any of that when I purchased the software:

Minimum Requirements:

  • AppleTV running software v3.0 or later
  • Mac running OS X v10.4.9 or later
  • 300MB available disk space
  • USB Flash Drive - 256MB or larger
  • Internet connection

I had all of the above checked off. Also:

Not the technical type? No problem. aTV Flash is simple to install and requires no technical knowledge to use.


i have the same problem, i can’t seem to get anything working.

However, it does say on the aTVFlash website that when new updates are issued by Apple you are better waiting until ATVFlash come up with an update as well before doing the Apple one!!!

That said, it does not help those of use whose ATV updated recently to the latest version and then came across ATVFlash !!!

This warning should be made more prominent on the website, perhaps with something showing what ATV firmware version is being currently supported etc!!

At the minute all i can seem to do is what i was able to do without ATVFlash.

Anyone know how long before there is a solution??? or should we be restoring to original ATV system???

Hope this gets sorted soon

Best rgds

Hi again

Just noticed after last post that in the announccement area it says ATVFlash compatable with 3.01…this does not seem to be the case.

Can anyone from the ATVFlash team comment on this please and maybe help us newbs?


If you are experiencing crashing, you may have an outdated version installed. You can view the installed version in the Maintenance > About menu. The current version is 4.0.1.

And than…?

How can I access my files stored on other computers if afp is not working…? Put it on a CD and throw it at my atv…? Or do I have to make any additional stuff like run around the table… kill a black cat at full moon… ore something else…?

This kind of software is exactly the reason why people buy a Mac instead of a PC… to get rid of it…!

No offense Magic29, but it’s PRECISELY your Mac (or in this case, your Apple TV) that’s at fault. Every other Media Player on the market already comes standard with the features you’re installing ATV Flash to obtain. NO OTHER MEDIA PLAYER ON THE MARKET disables their USB port, or limits you to one single video format. And most of them are a heck of a lot cheaper than an Apple TV. In fact, for about the same price as an Apple TV, you could just buy an X-Box, which would not only do everything you’re trying to hack your ATV to do, but also plays games and DVDS.

Or, for 99 bucks, you could go buy the Western Digital Media Player, which does everything the ATV does, plus lets you watch Netflix, along with natively supporting as many external USB devices as you care to hook up. Oh, and it also plays just about every media format in the universe.

So basically, don’t blame the ATV Flash folks for the fact that Apple purposely crippled the Apple TV. It’d take 30 seconds for Apple to release an update that enables the USB port and supports a wider array of video formats, but you’ll notice they’re not doing it.

I checked and i have version 4.0.1 installed.!! maybe i’m dense but is it a pre-requirement to have a usb keyboard and mouse plugged into the aTV in order for these extra programs to work?


I don’t…!
I blame Apple for the “crippled” ATV… that’s why I bought this third party software… AND I blame the ATV-Flash folks for selling “expectations” they can’t fulfill…!

I knew what I get by buying ATV… and I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal because of a great “Fix-Software” called ATV-Flash… I was wrong… that’s it.