ATV Flash Corrupted My Flash Drive

I am using the Kingston DataTraveler 4GB flash drive. When I used it to put ATV flash on it, my Apple TV updated fine. When I went to delete the information from the flash drive, only 244MB is then available on the flash drive, even after reformatting. I solved this problem last year by using a program to recover the lost space. However, I then updated my Apple TV again when 2.4 came out, and unfortunately I forgot which program I used to fix this problem.

Now that Apple TV 3.0 is out, I wish to update my Apple TV again, and unfortunately I have the same problem. There’s only 244MB of space on my flash drive, when I know there’s 4 GB… does anyone have any idea what program can fix this problem?

Figured it out… a program called HP USB Format tool got all my missing space back. Check it out if you have the same problem…