ATV Flash cannot find my Apple TV?

I had to reboot my ATV due to an error I was getting when watching movies.

Just did the tethered jailbreak successfully but when I run the Flash portion, its telling me no Apple TV devices can be found.

Its asking me if Id like to put in my ATV’s IP address, but I cant get into “settings” on my ATV b/c there is this big Itunes sign with a USB plug underneath it on my screen. (actually, now my screen is just black…)

what to do?

Maybe its an issue with my wifi?

If you are using the tethered jailbreak then any time you lose power or do a hard reboot you have to connect the ATV2 to our PC/Mac via USB to do the tethered boot of the jailbreak process (only the boot - not the full jailbreak). The iTunes logo being displayed is a sign that this is needed.

How do I do a just a “boot”? 

Do i connect the computer to my ATV and then just power off/power on the ATV?

Also, when I trun on my TV now, there is no logo on the screen anymore…its just black.



this should help you out-just go down to the section using season pass for a tethered boot.


I have done the “Boot” portion several times but I think I may have messed up the software itself by trying to restore the ATV to its factory settings? (which I did accidentally when I first pulled the power) 


Maybe I should just try doing the whole Jailbreak again from start to finish?

I would recommend you did.   It is likely that a standard restore overwrote the jailbroken firmware.