aTV Flash Black

Hi there,

I have just found FireCore and your aTV Flash Black software! I am looking into purchasing an Apple TV and would really love to be able to add more features to it. When comparing other boxes on the market, it is a bit lacking and it seems FireCore really makes up for some of that. AirPlay is what is bringing me to the AppleTV which is why I do not pick a different solution. I understand you can still use AirPlay even if installing the aTV Flash Black on my Apple TV.

However, much of my movie and television show collection is not in iTunes. It’s rather large and it’s not practical to put it in the program when I do not have to. It is to big to even put on my iPhone anyway; as a result, I just house it all on an external hard drive. I have heard that you cannot connect an external hard drive to the USB port on the current port of the AppleTV. How else can I get my media on the AppleTV? It plays in QuickTime and VLC. 

There is also a web browser that is integrated in aTV Flash. Would it be able to run Pandora? There isn’t a Pandora app for this box yet (although I hope there will be soon) so how else could I run Pandora? I usually have it running on my computer…could I stream the audio from my computer to the AppleTV to play through my televisions speakers?

Thank you guys for your help. I would really love to purchase this software; it looks amazing!

Take care,


hey dude, I am in a similar position as you are, except i am a total iTunes fanboy and all my media is in iTunes. What I am going to do (and what you should do) is set up that external as a network drive, e.g connect it to your router or something, which the ATV will be able to access. see this post ------>