ATV Flash black video libary from XBMC server



i want to install ATV Flash on my ATV2 and connect it to my xbmc server.


Every Movie/TV Show has seperate files with thumbnails/nfo etc.


is the Mediaplayer of ATV Flash able to read this libary informations or i have to re-scrape all movies and tv shows? alternative is to install xbmc on ATV2

but i want to give a try to ATV Flash




For starters, I have movie files on an appleTV’s external drive with XBMC scraped .nfo, movie posters and fanart in the library folders. aTV doesn’t see the .nfo details, only a folder_name.jpg. XBMC sees folder.jpg so I have coppied & renamed one to the other for viewing in aTV mode. For aTV2 through SMB shares… apparently only movies in video_ts format are read through the file share. I have mixed .ISO and Video_TS movies on a NAS also scraped with XBMC. If meta data is turned on it will see some of the Video_TS movies info but not the .ISO movies.

Since you have and are familiar with XBMC, jailbrak the aTV2, apply Firecore for aTV Black then install XBMC through NitoTV and never look back…