ATV flash black - Timecapsule

I have the latest version of everything installed.

I’m able to connect to my Time capsule hard drive, but is there a way I can connect to the external hard drive attached to this time capsule?

I have tried several things / access authorization, but still I can see the drive.


Anyone has tried this?


Claude Ferron

Hi, I can’t even connect my Time Capsule hard drive, I’ve tried everything now My ATV can find it, but when I will connect to it I get the message ATP conectionfailed: unreachable  I’m sure that it is the proper password, I have delete the “point” at the end of the server name. Tested with and without username, tested with "guest"as username. I do not even know if there are username on my Time Capsule, howdo I find it? is there anything else I can try?

help is appreciated!

I have tried to connect to my TC (time capsule) external USB hard drive using the SMB protocol ( This is my attached drive name. I have setup Tc so it can accept guest login.

Nov 29 20:41:48    Severity:3    SMB/CIFS login failed from anonymous@

The user seems to be anonymous instead of Guest as in AFP.


Hope this can help more…

I’m able to connect to the internal drive of my time capsule as well as the external drive attached to it. I ran into some problems at first, but found that it adds a period to the end of the server name. Once I removed that, I was able to add the share with no problems. Let me know if this helps you guys out or not.



For some reason, I can now connect to my Time capsule attached Hard drive (USB). I have changed the workgroup name to remove any non standard character and I authentify using TC user password to access the drive. Also I use the IP to connect to the hard drive.


Thanks for those who tried to help.



I am also having problems viewing my external drive on ATV, can see TC no probs, tried disconnecting TC then re connecting with Ext HDD, no good, 

Chevyman14200, you make mention that it “adds a period” little confused what you mean.

Claudef.0642 you connected with a Ip address.

Can i ask you both what exact steps you did so I can try these.

I have set mine up with Server IP address  user name guest and PW

Does the external drive have to be formatted to mac or can it be straight out on the box fat 32

Does the drive have directly connected to TC or via a usb hub, can more than i ext drives be connected

can ATV using FC see avi files?

Sorry to ask so many questions.

Much appreciated.