ATV FLASH Black out of space for install

When trying to install atv flash 2.5 on atvflash 2.4 with firmware 5.3 (6105) which is a previous jailbroken device I get an out of space error, any idea how to fix this without jeopardizing my jailbreak of the device? When I try to manage backups and select restore backup, none of the previous backups are present. device serial is c07dxn5fddr5 I did submit diagnostics

When trying to update from apple tv E:Write error - write (28: No space left on device) will not let me uninstall any add ons either, and I do have xmvc installed which is not showing on the manage extras list

or from atvflash.dmg black error 9.100 Sorry, the installer could not install Maintenance (Error 9.100). Help!

Doesn’t anyone respond?

You can delete content from the cache folder, see: